What does MANO do?

MANO MànMàn started as curatorial team for contemporary jewellery in Taiwan established in 2010 by Min-Ling Hsieh and Yu-Chun Chen who are passionate jewellery makers themselves. MANO aims to build the contemporary jewellery network between Taiwan and other countries and furthermore, to promote the value of handmade. The vision is to be the bridge among the creative minds and to connect the viewers' experience.

 From 2010-2014, MANO had set up pop-up store, organized workshops and lectures, curated exhibitions, run a gallery, and collaborated with people from different field. (see 'Projects' for detail), and now in 2015, MANO has started their select shop based on the concept of "handmade". Since the beginning of MANO in 2010 till now, over 230 artists had participated nationally and internationally with MANO’s projects. More than 1400 art works had been presented in Taiwan. 

MANO will continue with various approaches to call for respect to the value of hand-made and for the preciousness of the stories behind each object made. With the same principle. MANO will go on making contemporary jewellery, curating exhibitions, passing on values, and holding to beauties. 








2010   “ In Stock 無有存貨國際金工游擊展 .....read more

2011   黑川雅之記憶的風景展 / Barocco藝形珍珠的旅程.... read more

2012   與黑川雅之的三日生活工作坊.....read more

2013 - 2014  慢鏝當代首飾物件實體平台.....read more

2015年5月  『慢鏝選東西 MANO Select』 成立,一個以「手造」為主軸概念的選品店

慢鏝自2010年開始至今,累積230多位國內外藝術家共同參與展覽,超過1500件作品在台灣被看見,被了解,被接受 ; 未來,慢鏝會繼續在這條路上,努力地透過慢鏝模式向這個社會,這個世界宣告,手造精神以及價值應當重新被喚醒,被重視。