在此要特別特別感謝這近一年來力口建築團隊Studio Apl 陪著慢鏝,在相當相當有限的預算裡,仍舊發揮最大的熱誠,在不斷自我挑戰的設計圖中讓我們找到最後的歸宿!

這次我們以「手造」為出發點開始新的概念選品店『MANO慢鏝選東西』,發掘台灣及國際上具潛力的創作者,選品品項除了當代首飾之外,另有立體物件、織品、手工包款、燈飾以及文具類別產品。讓創作過程裡投入情感揉捏的故事百態被看見 !



MANO has merged our shop space with our original studio to make MANO Select. Our studio+shop base has gone through nearly one year of discussion and refurbishment. We are now finally open!  In terms of building facades to transforming the internal space, we have executed the spirit of the handmade to the extreme!

Here we really would like to pay our tribute to our architect Studio Apl who has accompanied us all through the way. Despite of our very limited budget, Studio Apl exert the greatest enthusiasm with their continuous self-challenging design and eyes on details, our dream finds its space.

The fascination of handmade resides in its profound aesthetics as well as the nostalgia of slowness and deliberateness. “MANO Select” is a new select shop based on the concept of “Handmade”. We select works which are manufactured with the utmost attention as well as innovative details by talented makers locally and internationally. The selected categories include jewellery, art object, textile work, bag, lighting, stationary, etc.  

MANO is the curator for lifestyle. “MANO” stands for “hand” in Italian. As makers ourselves, we would like to embody the effort and ingenuity of the craftsman so as to promote the value of handmade and bring the warmth and beauty of it back to our post- industrial society.


慢鏝選東西 MANO Select

opening hours:週三- 週六13:00-20:00 / Wed-Sat. 13:00-20:00 

add:100台北市中正區紹興南街18號 / No.18 Shaoxing S. St., ZhongZheng Dist., Taipei City 10052, Taiwan 

(捷運善導寺站出口四或五 / 台大醫院站出口二步行十五分鐘   MRT ShanDao Temple Station exit4 or 5 / NTU Hospital Station Exit2  walk 15 min. )

tel:(02) 2322-5601