Min-Ling Hsieh

Growing up in Taipei and majoring in Sculpture at the university, Min-Ling Hsieh was aspired to three-dimensional contouring. After graduation, she went on to Germany to further master the traditional as well as the contemporary skills and concept of jewellery making. After years of experience in the rigorous environment, the professionalism with pragmatism attitude was deeply rooted in her heart.

Since coming back to Taiwan, Min-Ling devoted herself to the field. Through education, curating exhibitions and events, and making her own studio work, she researches her unknown self and her surroundings. By establishing MANO, she hopes to build a bridge between the West and the East.

Creative work is Min-Ling’s way of finding herself and the path to calmness. Since returning home, “serenity” has constantly been her direction in the creative process. Through the fragility of the material used, she investigates and contemplates its connection with human feelings. Since 2009, the “unlimited” series combines thin cast glass technique with the creation. In 2010, she went back to her favorite material: metal. Through the concept of subtraction, the metal, which seems to appear cold and heavy starts to become lighter and lighter and eventually shimmers as the light shines through. In the “whereFrom” series, the originally explicit gemstones are hidden where else to tell concept that wearing jewelry is no longer just for others, but for one’s own. Because only the wearer really knows what/where the most precious thing is while the others can only "hear" their sound.







創作是她能回到自己並找到絲毫平靜的方式,而“沉靜”也一直是她回國後不斷的在創作中所思考的方向。透過脆弱媒材的特性去思考與人感受的連結,從2009年開始的”無限”系列,嘗試以鑄造薄胎琉璃來結合創作。2010年開始的創作回到最喜歡的金屬上,透過減法的創作概念,讓冷硬厚重的金屬,慢慢地變輕,慢慢地變輕,然後透出微光 。