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The fascination of handmade resides in its profound aesthetics as well as the nostalgia of slowness and deliberateness.

MANO is the curator for lifestyle. “MANO” stands for “hand” in Italian. As makers ourselves, we would like to embody the effort and ingenuity of the craftsman so as to promote the value of handmade and bring the warmth and beauty of it back to our post- industrial society.

In May 2015, we took the challenge to start “MANO Select”, a select shop based on the concept of “Handmade”. We select contemporary craft works which are manufactured with the utmost attention as well as innovative details by talented makers locally and internationally.  The selected categories include jewellery, art object, textile work, bag, ceramic, glass, etc.  



2015年5月 MANO慢鏝策展團隊開始了新旅程 -「慢鏝選東西MANO Select」是以「手造」為出發點的概念選品店,生活風格的策展人,“MANO”是義大利文“手”的意思,我們以不同的概念形式去體現藝匠們的巧思與心力,以同是手藝人的角度來延續和推展當代手作的精神與價值,致力為這個後工業化冰冷社會迎回手造的溫暖與美感,發掘台灣及國際上具潛力的創作者,選品品項除了當代首飾之外,另有立體物件、織品、手工包款、生活器物、陶藝、玻璃等當代工藝,讓創作過程裡投入情感揉捏的故事百態被看見 !


活動 Events


2016 05. 23  

"MANO select" opening


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click for more about Macromauro POP UP SHOW


2016 09.13 -- 09.18


concrete leather / structured jewel / relive the living

_ 6 Taiwanese Designers in Tokyo Japan

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2016 10. 28 -- 10. 30

After Hours

Ariel Lien X MANO 慢鏝

參展藝術家: 劉文瑄 陳曉朋 黃海欣 王德瑜 莊昀 戴翰泓 黃彥穎

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click for more about After Hours