2017. 11.03

NOT by Jenny Lai POP UP SHOW

Under the label 'NOT', Taiwanese-American designer Jenny Lai creates ready-to-wear collections, custom performance-wear for musicians and dancers, and collaborative projects around the world as a mobile studio. The brand was founded in 2011 with the goal of making the physical experience of dressing a surprising and playful experience within itself. Transformation and movement is built into the design, engaging the wearer in the creative process. Every garment is draped by hand in Jenny's studio and crafted in small quantity in New York City's Garment District.

Jenny is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and has lived and worked around the world including Mexico, South Africa, Rwanda, London, Amsterdam, and New York, at fashion houses Boudicca, Viktor & Rolf, Carla Fernandez, and Bibhu Mohapatra. Incorporating her love for travel, Jenny also travels with NOT as a mobile studio, exploring the unique ways that people around the world perform through clothing. In 2014, she traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa to collaborate with local designers, artists, and dancers embedded in South Africa's subcultures. 

In 2010, Jenny was selected as a finalist in the Elle Fashion Next Competition during NYFW, announced by WWD as a Designer- to-watch in 2012 and has since been featured in a number of magazines and international press, including Vice, Refinery 29, Surface, WWD, and Schon. Jenny is currently a part of an independent designer concept store and retail incubator, Flying Solo, which presents every New York Fashion Week and has been lauded by WWD, New York Times, WGSN, Racked, and Nylon since its opening in 2016. 

Jenny's background in classical music has also led to her passion for collaborating with some of the top performing artists around the world. Recent projects include working with Shen Wei Dance Arts, producing a Butoh performance at concept space 'The Community' in Paris, and designing custom performance-wear for star violinist Leila Josefowicz.

We are pleased to present with Manomanman and to be a part of a space that champions the thoughtful, the handmade, and the unique. 


”NOT"  是一個由台裔美籍設計Jenny Lai 賴以珍在紐約所成立的服裝品牌。創作的作品當中,有一系列屬於日常成衣;也有另一系列是專為音樂家、舞蹈家等演出者所訂製的表演服裝;以 "Mobile Studio" (行動工作室) 方式,與全球各地藝術家的聯手創作。”NOT" 的成立概念主要是要達到穿著衣服時能親身感受到的驚奇與趣味!設計中融入了"創造"及"律動",讓穿著者一起參與創作的過程。每一件時裝,都是賴以珍在自己的工作室裡親手打版成型,再請在紐約的專業師傅,少量手工精緻完成。

賴以珍畢業於美國羅德島設計學院Rhode Island School of Design,曾在墨西哥,南非,盧旺達,倫敦,阿姆斯特丹,紐約等世界各地生活與工作,過去曾任職於時裝品牌Boudicca,Viktor&Rolf,Carla Fernandez 和 Bibhu Mohapatra 。由於她對旅行的熱愛,"NOT" 也不時轉換成 "Mobile Studio" 行動工作室模式, 藉由一邊工作、一邊旅行的機會,到世界各地,探索人們用服裝表達的特殊方式。2014年,她前往南非約翰尼斯堡,與南非當地的設計師,藝術家與舞蹈家,一起共同創作。

2010年,賴以珍被選為NYFW (紐約時裝週)  ”Elle Fashion Next Competition” 設計比賽的決賽入圍者,WWD (Women Wear Daily) 時裝雜誌於2012年宣稱她是一位:“Designer-to-Watch” (值得關注的設計師)  ~ 她也被多家雜誌和國際新聞媒體特別報導,其中包括了 Vice, Refinery 29, Surface, WWD 和Schon。賴以珍目前是紐約蘇荷區 “Flying Solo" 的一員,"Flying Solo” 是一個擁有獨立設計師,且以零售孵化經營的時尚概念店。多位獨立設計師組成這個獨一無二的孵化基地,顧客在他們的個人展示空間中,與設計師有第一手的接觸與交流。“Flying Solo” 自2016年開幕以來,在每季的紐約時裝周中展示,並受到WWD,New York Times (紐約時報),WGSN,Racked和Nylon等的爭相報導與讚譽!

因賴以珍有著古典音樂的背景,引發她極大的熱情,與世界各地頂尖的藝術家合作。最近的項目,包括紐約 / “Shen Wei Dance Arts” 沈偉舞蹈團的藝術合作;巴黎 / "The Community” (社區) 概念空間,製作了一個Butoh (日本舞踊) 的表演;並為全球巡演的明星小提琴家 Leila Josefowicz (萊拉·約瑟芙維茨) 設計製作舞台上的演出服裝。

這次Mano 慢镘很開心能夠與 Jenny Lai 合作,透過這個多元的平台,能讓這一系列擁有獨特概念的服裝和我們再次撞擊出不同凡響的火花! 11/3 週五晚上18:00 ~21:00 下班後就到慢鏝來!一起和Jenny Lai 來場 POP UP dance 吧!


|地點 location| 慢鏝MANO| 台北市100中正區紹興南街18號

|POP UP SHOW| 2017/ 11/03  

|SHOW TIME| 18:00 - 21:00 (作者會在現場解說作品創作發想和製作分享)

|聯絡 contact|02-23225601 | RSVP at mail@manomanman.com 


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