讓陶土說 _ 王美雲陶藝創作展

2016 05. 25 -- 06. 25

讓陶土說 _ 王美雲陶藝創作展


帶著歷史系背景、因緣際會走進陶藝界的王美雲,最早受到台灣陶藝前輩林葆家老師以及李亮一等老師的啟發,打開國際視野,創作的30多年年間,前20年濱田庄司、Bernard Leach.等啟發她的創作觀及生活態度,後20年則深受來自英國女陶藝家Lucie Rie她細膩、沈靜、帶觸感的風格技法的影響。

“Let the clay talk” 一語道破陶藝創作的本質,“陶,是生出來的,不是做出來的“ 此次王美雲的個展,特別喜愛飲食食器的她,呈現了多年來所累積的柴燒及釉燒的食器、茶碗和茶器等創作,製程的不確定性,與藝術家不喜完美的冒險精神不謀而合,也帶給此次個展不絕的驚喜及創作動能。


Let the clay talk_by Nicole Wang

This is the first ceramic exhibition being held at MANO Select. Remember when we first visited Nicole Wang at her lovely home/studio up in the Yang-Ming Mountain where she lived/worked for over 20 years, it was like stepping into Shangri-La. Taking a turn on the mountain road, it seemed like we were brought by the wind into this settlement called “Wind-Tail”. A stone cottage surrounded by trees, tea plantation, and vegetable gardens appeared in front of our eyes, leaving all the hustle of the city behind. This is the place where Nicole researches, works, and lives. 

With the background in history study, Nicole Wang’s encounter with ceramic was serendipitous. Senior Taiwanese ceramists Lin Bao-Chia and Lee Liang-Yi had inspired and opened her eye to the international perspective. In Nicole’s span of more than 30 years of creation, Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach had inspired her earlier years from the creative point of view to the attitude towards life. Later on, she found deep consonance with English female ceramist Lucie Rie’s delicate, serene, and textural works.

“Let the clay talk” hits the mark on the essence of ceramic art. Nicole believes that ceramic is born, not to be made out of. In this solo show, Nicole Wang’s firewood pottery, glaze firing tableware, tea bowls, and tea services created and accumulated over the years will be presented. The uncertainty in the process of making ceramics coinciding with the artist’s adventurous spirit of not pursuing the “perfectness” generates endless surprises and creative momentum for this exhibition.