“GeMANOgy” – Gem as Storyteller

慢鏝學 - 國際當代首飾材質交流展

2013 09. 25 -- 11. 03 


– Gem as Storyteller

“GeMANOgy” aims at showing how the contemporary jewellers express the word/ material "Stone" in various and contemporary way. Set aside the traditional value for gemstones defined in Gemology, MANO would like to offer the viewer a different angle to read the stories behind these jewellery.

"How the most precious thing about stones in a jewellery box is not always their rarity, their size or their perfection. It is their stories." by Victoria Finlay, author of 'Jewels: A Secret History'.

Since the word “Jewellery” for most Taiwanese public still relates a lot to precious material, faceted gemstones, jade jewelleries, beaded bracelet, etc., we would like to present the jewelleryies with diverse and contemporary interpretation of the theme “stone” in search of that real preciousness. Each artist gives their unique point of view: to bring out the social-psychological side of the material, to discuss about the collective thoughts on material, technique, and artistry, or to question the real meaning of value.

A book about the concept and artists works and details of this exhibition have been published.




- 國際當代首飾材質交流展 


作家維多利亞芬利(Victoria Finlay)說:「首飾盒中的石頭,最貴重的並不是在它們的稀有、大小或切工完美,而是在於它們所述說的故事」。



參展藝術家/ Participated artists:

Gieh-Wen Lin 林介文 / Karl Fritsch 卡爾.菲奇 / Katja Prins 卡佳.普林斯 / Nelli Tanner 奈麗.譚納

Philip Sajet 費烈浦沙耶 / Shu-Lin Wu 吳淑麟 / Tarja Tuupanen 塔莉亞.杜潘訥

出版品 / Publication: "GeMANOgy慢鏝學“ 2013策劃紀錄No.7