WEAR / AWARE – New Asian Jewellery 

新東西 - 亞洲當代首飾新秀展

2013 08.01 -- 09.08 

WEAR / AWARE – New Asian Jewellery 

Looking beyond the horizon, where the sun rises slowly from the East.  The new energy is ramping up and launching out.

In the past 20 years, the new generation of young creatives from Asia has set foot in other continents like Europe, America, or Australia to learn more about contemporary jewellery, the conceptual way of making jewellery originated in the relatively “West” land. Carrying different cultural background with them, these young Asian creatives reposition themselves and find themselves again throughout the process. 

For “WEAR /AWARE” exhibition, MANO has invited 8 young artists from Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and China to get a taste of new Asian jewellery.  To see how the Oriental artists are using jewellery as media to visualize concept, to tell personal story, to place question about daily life and aesthetics, or to reflect on one’s cultural background.  

From Taiwan, there is Ara Kuo who uses traditional calligraphy brushes to give new interpretation of home.  Shu-Lin Wu’s “Mon Coeur” series uses the fire endurable quality of ceramics to connect the heart and soul. Alice Bo-Wen Chang explores the relationship between body, space and object(s) through her kinetic and structural body sculptures. From Thai artist Noon Passama, basic buttons gets thousand faces being imagined as people who appear in different ways.  South Korean artist Heejoo Kim creates the fifth season with her unique use of materials. Jeehyun Chung investigates material composition and transforms simple fishing line into marvel. From Japan, Mariko Sumioka’s work pays tribute to Japanese traditional architecture and the respect for natural surroundings. Last but not least, Chinese artist Xiao Liu adopts grains and dust as material of his work to reveal the spiritual capacity of human being.

Point to the horizon and point back to ourselves. This is who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. “WEAR / AWARE” have strung together these oriental pearls awaiting you to discover. And the string of connection is the oriental implicit delicacy and beauty. 



新東西 - 亞洲當代首飾新秀展 




在這次展覽中,慢鏝邀請到來自台灣、泰國、韓國、日本、以及中國八位亞洲新秀們的當代首飾創作。來自台灣的郭亭君為家鄉的毛筆賦予全新的面貌;吳淑麟藉由陶瓷連結了心與靈的關係;而張博雯讓建築結構豐富了首飾;泰國藝術家Noon Passama俐落的運用鏡面型體陳述每一個獨特的你;韓國的Heejoo Kim則用皮革創造了第五個季節;Jeehyun Chung給傳統魚線編織出新的語彙;日本的Mariko Sumioka用創作來向大自然和日本傳統建築致敬;來自中國的劉驍則是選擇把東方的米食穿戴上身。


參展藝術家/ Participated artists

Xiao Liu 劉驍 / Shu-Lin Wu 吳淑麟 / Ara Kuo 郭亭君 / Alice Bo-Wen Chang 張博雯 / Heejoo Kim

Noon Passama / Jeehyun Chung / Mariko Sumioka