Yu-Chun Chen/

After her education in literature, Yu-Chun decided to head to Florence, Italy to pursue her dream for “handmade” and fell in love with contemporary jewellery there. After six years of study and work, she left Italy to further earn her master degree in Amsterdam and end up living and working for nine years in the Netherlands. However, hometown Taiwan has always been calling the voyager. With the passion for contemporary jewellery and the curious eyes for anything interesting, she started MANO back in Taiwan hoping to dedicate herself more to the field that she loves so much…… read more

Min-Ling Hsieh/

Majoring in Sculpture at the university and following by six years of study in Germany to further master the traditional as well as the contemporary skills and concept of jewellery making, Min-Ling had realized how important the solid tradition is to the society without slavish adherence to the rules. Therefore, she came back to Taiwan and established MANO, hoping not only to devote herself as a jewellery maker but also to connect and share wonderful things with the world…... read more


陳郁君 Yu-Chun Chen 

完成外文教育之後,郁君決定追隨自己的心前往義大利翡冷翠學習手工,而愛上了當代首飾創作,六年的義大利經驗之後,前往荷蘭取得碩士並且工作定居九年。由於身體流著當代首飾創作的熱血,且對新鮮有趣的事完全沒抵抗力,也因為故鄉在呼喚,因此一頭栽入成立了慢鏝,希望能在台灣為這個自己熱愛的領域多做點什麼...... read more



謝旻玲 Min-Ling Hsieh /  

大學主修雕塑,留學德國六年修習傳統與當代首飾藝術,體會紮實的傳統對一個社會有多重要,但又因為無法一成不變的墨守成規,所以回到台灣創立了慢鏝,默許能夠在身為金工創作者的同時,也能和全世界串聯分享美好的事物 more